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Welcome to our blog dedicated to hiking and mountain biking. After a year of collecting GPS coordinates of all our activities we've decided to put them together and create a blog for people like us who love the outdoors. We'll be constantly adding new routes so don't forget to come back every now and then.

Each activity contains a description, some pictures and most importantly you can download the whole route in a .gpx file for your GPS device. We really hope you'll find it useful and appreciate any kind of feedback in the comments.

For whom is this blog?

This blog is for anyone exactly like us – outdoor lovers always searching for ideas where to go hiking, backpacking or mountain biking. In fact, we got the idea to create this page because there’s just a few similar blogs focused on the UK out there and we thought that some people might find it useful.

Preferably, you have some kind of GPS device where you can upload the GPX coordinates that every route on our blog contains. I personally use a Garmin watch, Fenix 3, which is the best piece of device I’ve ever bought. Alternatively, you can always use your smartphone and download a GPS app that supports GPX files but, in this case, I’d suggest you pack an extra power bank with you. If you, however, do not own anything mentioned above you can use this blog to give you a rough idea of where to go hiking or cycling just with your map and compass.