About Us

First of all, welcome to our blog! We’re really happy you’ve found your way to us and we hope it’s not the last time you’re here. Feel free to let us know whatever is on your mind in the comments below.

So who are we? We’re a couple, ordinary nature lovers, who enjoy almost any type of outdoor activity. And since we have a GPS watch (Garmin Fenix 3) we’ve decided to share all our hikes and bike rides with you. Each trip we’ve done contains a brief description of the route as well as the .gpx coordinates for your GPS device.

Together we mainly do hiking and the higher we go the more we enjoy it. No matter whether it’s a one-day hike or a several days long wild camping adventure every escape to the nature makes us feel human again.

There’s also a mountain bike section here but that is done solely by me, as my girlfriend Sara hasn’t touched a mountain bike since we rode down Sierra Nevada in Spain. When it comes to cycling she prefers to be on the road.

So thanks again for paying us a visit and enjoy

Sara & Milan


and btw. this is our cat Zima who often helps us out with planning our trips:

Zima the cat