Minley MTB course

This little MTB course may not seem that exciting at a first glance but once you’re there you’ll realise it has lots to offer. The nearest train station is Farnborough, which is less then a 40 minutes ride from London Waterloo. Also, before you arrive to Minley Manor you can have a quick warm-up lap in Hawley Common that is just minutes away from the course.

Minley Manor is like a little maze and it’s actually a lot of fun to explore on your own. I’d suggest to follow the GPX track below for one lap to get an idea of its size and after that do a bit of exploring and create your own perfect lap. This place is full of little single tracks that can take you to an unexpected journey where your smile at the end will be the quality proof. You can also look forward to a few nice drops and jumps of different sizes.

All in all, the Minley MTB course is definitely worth visiting if you’ve never been there before. It’s fun, provides variety and it’s easily accessible from London. But I don’t think you’ll be coming back every weekend given its small size. I personally visit Minley about 4 times per year – usually when I want to have a fun ride and chill out at the same time.


Download file: Minley MTB Course 2013.gpx


Canyon Nerve
bridge in Minley
Minley Woods
Minley Manor map

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  1. Really good mountain bike ride indeed. I live nearby(ish) so I decided to give Minley a go. It’s a fun course but it took me a while to figure out the correct route so the gpx coordinates might really come handy. All in all, great place for a few hours of mtb but it could be bigger

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