Mountain Bike Trail near Guildford

I must admit it’s been ages since I rode this mountain bike trail but I remember it was definitely a good one! Shortly after that I moved to Scotland so I never got the chance to repeat it…

It’s approximately 37km long and it takes you around many beaty spots in the very heart of Surrey! You can either take the train to Guildford and cycle to the trail from there, which would add a few extra km, or you can drive to Puttenham Common Top Car Park and start the ride from there. That’s what I did!

Unfortunately I’m not really able to describe the route apart from the fact it takes you through Thursley National Nature Reserve as well as a few other commons and forests. But what else do you need to know, right?! Just download the route below, upload it to your watch, grab your and go riding!

Note that there’s also another good mountain bike trail that starts in Guildford on my blog in case you want to have a variety. The rides near Guildford are also a nice addition to other routes in Surrey such as the Surrey Hills MTB Trails.

Have fun and don’t hesitate to let me know how it was in the comments below!

Download file: mtb - Guildford.gpx
MTB Guildford
MTB around guildford
mtb near guildford
mtb trail near guildford
mountain biking near Guildford

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