This is supposed be a really good hike in southeast Iceland, Skaftafell, with some amazing views of the Skaftafellsjökull glacier. However, thanks to the thick fog we were accompanied by we saw nothing but the path under our boots and a few strange looking birds. Not all hikes can be perfect but at least we got some fresh air and had a good exercise.

The route we initially planned is slightly over 19 km long and takes you also to the peak of Kristínartindar (1126m). Given the zero visibility we decided to skip the peak but the GPX route you can download below contains that extra bit we didn’t do. It’s the original route I created in Garmin Connect before we set off for Iceland.

The hike itself starts by the carpark that is just a short walk from the Skaftafell camping where the official path begins. First you’ll be following the path called Austurbrekkur that will turn into S3 once you pass by Sjónarnípa. This is a viewing point overlooking the Skaftafell glacier as well as surrounding mountains that, luckily enough, we still managed to enjoy. But from this point on we deep dived into the fog (or a cloud) I mentioned above.

If you keep following the GPS route you’ll eventually get to the spot where S3 joins S4, which is the bit that takes you to the top of Kristínartindar. It’s just short detour from the main route so if you don’t feel like it feel free to skip it. But if you do go up there I’d be curious to hear about it – it would be great if you could tell us in the comments of this post.

Now you’re approximately in the middle of the hike and you just need to follow S3 back down. However, before you reach the end of the hike make some time to enjoy Svartifoss and Magnúsarfoss – two stunning waterfalls that you’ll find on your way back, almost towards the end of the hike.


Download file: Icenland - Kristinartindar.gpx
Skaftafellsjökull glacier
Skaftafellsjökull glacier in fog
Skaftafell in fog
On the way to Kristinartindar
Skaftafell national park
Svartifoss waterfall

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