Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin hike

This is an easy hike that starts by Loch Earn in the southern part of the Highlands and takes you to two munros – Ben Vorlich (985m) & Stùc a’ Chroin (975m). In total it’s 16km long and getting to Stùc a’ Chroin involves some fun scrambling! We’d also recommend spending one night down by the loch as it offers many amazing spots to camp.

The route starts by Ardvorlich Farm and is all very straight forward. To get to your first peak, Ben Vorlich, you just need to follow the path for approximately 5.5km. The view from the top is stunning and you can also see your next peak from there – Stùc a’ Chroin.

From the top of Ben Vorlich to the foot of Stùc a’ Chroin it’s just a short and entertaining descend. After a while you’ll find yourself by the big boulders that mark the beginning of the next climb. Those who don’t feel like a fairly easy scramble can take the well visible path on the far right (that will be later used to get down). The rest can head straight up! Either you can take the “path” on the northeast side of the summit or you can find your own line. However, please don’t forget to be extremely careful no matter what way you choose.

Once you’re up it’s just a short walk to the peak that will reward you with some pretty cool views! Enjoy and recharge your batteries as you still need to hike back for another 8km. There’s not much to say about the rest of the journey – follow the path / our gpx coordinates and think of the beer you’ll grab when you stop somewhere to eat.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Loch Earn is a great place to camp so if you have an extra night you should totally do that!

You can download the route (in gpx) for your GPS device below the map by clicking on “Download”. We hope you’ll enjoy the hike!

Download file: Ben Vorlich and Stuc aChroin hike.gpx
by Stùc a’ Chroin
Stuc a'Chroin
View from Stuc a'Chroin
Ben Vorlich in the background
Stuc a'Chroin peak
heading to Stuc a'Chroin
Stuc a'Chroin scramble
Having a bonfire by Loch Earn

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